ARC believes that good governance stems from a commitment to conduct all affairs with trust and integrity. Developing and maintaining trusting relationships relies on our ability to consistently maintain high ethical standards and governance practices.  Direction and stewardship of governance practices begin with the Board of Directors; however it is the responsibility of all employees to uphold our culture of honesty, integrity, respect, and accountability.

ARC understands good governance practices as timely, factual, and accurate disclosure, which is broadly disseminated in accordance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. ARC’s governance practices are routinely reviewed, appraised, and modified to ensure that it meets current expectations for best practices. Effective governance is an essential component of a fair and efficient capital market, and is crucial to the continued success of ARC as an industry leader and responsible member of the community.

Board of Directors

All members of ARC's board are elected by shareholder vote.

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Committees of the Board

Governance policies are routinely reviewed, appraised and modified to meet high governance standards.

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Business Conduct and Ethics

ARC recognizes the value of developing trusting relationships.

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Mandate of the Board

The Board of Directors understands its primary role as the stewardship of the company.

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